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Welcome to Yorkshire MAG Marshal Admin Site




In order for you to sign up to marshal at one of our rallies, you must register with us. This allows us:

  • To hold your contact details and details of an emergency contact in case there is an issue while you are marshalling;

  • To contact you with any updates about our rallies and marshalling information;

  • To make it as easy as possible for you to sign up to marshal at our rallies in the future.


In order to sign up to Marshal at one of our rallies, you must be registered with us. If you have registered with us before, the email and password you used to login will be the same. However, if you have forgotten your password, you can find assistance at our Get Help page.


If you haven't registered before, please go to our Register page and complete the form provided. All fields marked with a red asterisk must be completed.


In either case, please ensure you remember the email and password you use to register with so that you can sign up to Marshal at any of our rallies on our Marshal at Event page.

Marshal at a Rally

We run three rallies for MAG: Into The Valley, Farmyard Party and Yorkshire Pudding. We release separate forms for each rally - only one is available at anyone time to complete. These forms will be open to complete or update during the following periods:

  • Into The Valley: 3/3/2024 – 19/4/2024

  • Farmyard Party: 19/4/2024 – 7/6/2024

  • Yorkshire Pudding: 28/6/2024 – 19/7/2024


If you have marshalled before at a rally, last year's details will be provided in the form so that you only need to update your details.

Always ensure your details are always up to date and especially your emergency contact details.

Further to a recent Director's meeting please be aware that there is a change to our policy on volunteering for the build up phase at our events.

We will have a specific number of places available for build up, these will be allocated at managers discretion to those that say they are available for build up on their registration form. If you have been accepted to volunteer for build up this will be confirmed with your shift confirmation email. 3 meals a day will be provided to build up volunteers completing the day's work - no work, no food and this is at the directors’ and crew manager’s discretion.


Anyone bringing a dog during the build up phase will ensure the dog is wearing a muzzle or halti and on a lead at all times. During working hours the dog must be contained in the area of the owners tent, caravan or vehicle. All dog mess will be cleaned up by the owner. This consideration must also be applied during the events and through the clear up phase.


This change in policy is needed to ensure safe running and efficiency of the build up phase. We hope we can trust in your understanding and support in this. Any questions or clarification about this policy, please contact


Get Help


If you have forgotten your password, you can use the email you registered with to obtain a new password here.


If you have any other question or problem, please use the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Shift Confirmations

We will confirm the shifts we have allocated to you on the following dates:

  • Into The Valley: 22/4/2024

  • Farmyard Party: 10/6/2024

  • Yorkshire Pudding: 22/7/2024

At the Rally

We ask that could you please ensure you register your arrival on site with marshal admin to collect a marshal’s wristband (giving access to marshals camping and showers). This is to let us know you have arrived even if your shifts are not till later in the day/weekend.
Please help us to make sure you get the rewards you are entitled to from the marshal’s package - 15 minutes prior to the start of each shift please report to marshal admin, and then return after your shift to collect your thank you package.
All shifts will be 4 hours long but in one or two cases a 6-hour shift may be allocated and this will be treated as a 2 shifts for the marshal’s package

Thank You Package

All marshals have the use of showers and a secure marshals camping area.


  • 1st 4 hour shift: A food voucher and drinks voucher.

  • 2nd 4 hour shift: A food voucher, a beer token and an event t-shirt or products voucher.

  • 3rd 4 hour shift: A food voucher, a beer token and free entry to the event.

  • Any further shifts: A food voucher and a beer token for each shift.

Notice about Free Entry

There will be a list of all pre-registered marshals held by the gate marshals. Anyone pre-registered for 3 shifts will be allowed free entry, 1 and 2 shift marshals and any late registrations will be required to purchase a ticket in advance in the same way as a paying customer. 
There will be no facility for ticket refunds.

Site Opening for Pre-Registered Marshals Helping with Build Up

The site is a workplace during build up, free camping and meals are provided for those volunteering to assist with build up prior to the event opening. Please be aware that the work is generally of a physical nature, setting up equipment.

  • Into The Valley - open for build up volunteers, 30 April - open for all marshals 2 May

  • Farmyard Party - open for build up volunteers, 15 June - open for all marshals 20 June (unless you have Thursday shifts then you can come on the Wednesday, after tea)

  • Yorkshire Pudding - open for build up volunteers, 30 July - open for all marshals 1 August

On Sunday night after the events, there is free camping and a meal provided for marshals who stay to help clear the site of equipment.

Caravans and Camper Vans

There is limited space for build up volunteers only.  Please email for permission.

Car Passes

To request a car pass, please email  stating CAR PASS REQUEST in the subject line, reason for needing a car pass, name, address including post code and email address of the person requiring the pass.  NB car passes are sent out during the week prior to the event.

Thank You

Thank you for volunteering to support this event, without you they would not happen.


Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate your preferences for times and shifts, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do this in every instance, as such you will be offered other times/shifts or less shifts.  MAP Ltd also reserves the right to refuse an application to marshal.

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